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Explore some of the features Cosmedesk has to offer!

Automated Report Generator

Cosmedesk accelerates and automates the creation of Product Information File (PIF) and all documents required by EU regulation 1223/2009.

By gathering and reusing previously inserted data and offering predefined sentences to complete your reports, Cosmedesk allows the safety assessor to be faster and more efficient.

You can generate the PIF and CPSR separately or the complete dossier and other relevant documents.

Risk Assessment

Cosmedesk automatically performs the Systemic Exposure Dose (SED) and Margin of Safety (MoS) calculations according to the SCCS to guarantee the consumer`s safety.

Additionally, it is possible to estimate the Period After Opening (PAO) according to the French Guidelines, Agence française de sécurité sanataire des produits de santé (ANSM).

Ingredients Restrictions

Cosmedesk allows you to search by INCI and automatically identifies and highlights the ingredients’ restrictions present in CosIng established by the Regulation, enabling you to check them.

Create and import your existing database through a predefined spreadsheet and easily store and manage your ingredients.

Build your ingredients toxicological profiles using our direct links to the main referenced databases.

Monitor your ingredients progress using our status functionality.

Import Formulation

Import your existing products´ formulation using our spreadsheet, automatically creating your raw materials and ingredients.

Fasten your products´ reports by creating a new product using an existing product´s formulation.

Label Compliance Review

Cosmedesk enables the label validation process through a predefined requirements checklist, producing an annex with a label compliance report.

Automatically creates the finished product label ingredients list, filtering existing allergens by their concentration according to your product type.

Product Explorer

Cosmedesk allows you to search and filter all the information associated with your products.

Easily check all products to confirm if any updates need to be done or changes in their PIFs.


Cloud Based

Your files are accessible from any web browser, either hosted on a dedicated cloud, or your own network servers. Makes collaborative work easier, overcoming distance barriers between offices and colleagues.

User friendly interface

Efficient and intuitive interface, making it very easy to use and integrate with any work process.

Documents Organizer

Cosmedesk efficiently organizes and stores your product´s technical documentation and control updates on the regulatory requirements during its life cycle of 10+ years.


All documents are fully formatted, including re-usable bibliographic references linkable to the original sources.

Version Control

All documents are fully formatted, including re-usable bibliographic references linkable to the original sources.


Cosmedesk uses Microsoft Azure Cloud Services certified by international security standards ISO9001:2008; ISO27001 and SSAE16 / ISAE 3402.

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